hello hello & welcome, this is about C3I. You wonder about the connection b/t zombies and robots, between crack smoking and love making. Well, we have a lot in common.

Sorry I've been out of touch so long, but of course there is nothing vital about the www. Or did you prefer Joey the MEchanical boy's "papoose"?

the mean spirit'd robots are a musical rock band, they have the following line up, and enjoy the good life very much:

Shakey L'Bot
(master-mind & geniius)
Sinjapore Melee
(kung fu starlet)
Tron Discotron
(demo-litions, "the bomb")
Pioneer Castrato
(sys-op, master of the low-end)
Sorry Casino
(bad boy ! sadboy)

here is robotic thrills --->

discography, simple like cakes

(you) (are) (it)

yr robots had the honor of playing a song or 6 on K-blah-blah-blah radio out in lawrence kansas, I'll tell you all about it soon...


hey, back in march I travelled to SAN DIMAS to perform admirably w/refrigerator & john davis. p'haps a pic or 2 coming soon (thank you lisa kuta)


also, just got back from the east coast (the cheekyest coats), where "catsupfest '96" happen'd & happen'd good. you want to know all about it.

shoot a missile, leave a trail of crumbs! here's what the kids are shouting..

ok ok, fie! & reply: (e-mail robots here) I have more to show you, in the future!

'''''''''''''''''let's go back up to casio

(what is yr mathomatic? )){