"'the ballad of robotx elive:

To wit: Quite rightly, I am not a member of the band at all.
They are Shakey L'Bot, Pioneer Castrato, Sinjapore Melee,
Tron Discotron, and Sorry Casino. They are all very reclusive, smoking their
crack and writing their love letters, so I represent them
to the "people". Also, certain culver city types have put (rather chincy)
prices on their heads, but more on that in a minute. OK. While we're
being honest, the Mean Spirit'd Robots aren't rightly a "real" band at
all, in the conventional sense. They were hand pick'd by the producers of the short-lived
TV series "The New Monkees" to play the evil band that
the New Monkees would beat by rocking harder. Problem was, our
little heroes, huddled in their trailer drinking hot
ginger drink and trading in oaths, were startled by the unmistakable
sound of "something wrong" outside. They traipsed out to find the sky
all filled with airplanes doing impossible things, sideways and spinning,
all on intersecting (geometric) planes, wind moving around and at them in
ways not in the original design. "Oh no oh no oh no," sighed sinjapore. One
by one, the planes came down, kissing the ground, fiery & sweet, sometimes
with a wing, sometimes with a nose. ginger crashes, pop pop pop.

The Robots were filled and frantic. It seemed no one else
had witnessed this sky-soak'd debacle. That nite they play'd
their set in the televised rok-off, but dazy & pounded by their
vision, they inadvertantly destroyed the New Peter
Tork with burning burning lazerlit-eyes and haphazard casyo aplomb.
The band had to go on the lam.

!!to be continued, in serial fashion!!

(you say to yrself, "these robots are a thrillll!"))