mean spirit'd robots believe in affluence & ubiquity:

dissemination: first there was a k-7 entitled "his armies is humming," this was very fine, but theoretically shakey (still fine). followed by a no. of compilation trax, including "colonial feelings" on jaboni youth tape comp (#4,"Childhood friends), "the Ballad of AK Heart" on "drowned in a torrent of golden grain" (catsup plate!), "stick it to the DJ" on the Cactus Gum tape comp, "Hide & go Seek", maybe more? probably not. Also vinyl! First came the Pottery Recs 7" compilation, "The wheel method", which featured a song call'd "honkey dancer" by our robots, and also had "ones" from ramon speed, mtn goats, us saucer, and laundromat (a will simmons vehick[sic]le). What cheer! ok ok, have you read moby dick? it's wonderful, wonderful. The wonderful catsup plate (the home team) has also released a 7" comp by the name of "evading the devil's darts," on which will simmons, edith presler, charlie mcalister (my hero), mark szabo, and our robots ("sessy lullaby") duel. oh & how did i forget the mitey one-sided 12" comp on blackbeans & placenta tape club? go find it, it's a brilliant unit. so finally the robots get their "big brake": an EP on pottery recs alternately entitled "I'm Freezing" or "I (heart) god's girls". This is the shit; it's here & now too. And hot on some heels (a duh -- it's here!) is the super wonderful portland compilation on Pop Secret/No Depression records, entitled "'Nauts Landing (vol 1)", which features the beautiful and unctuous "Ballad of Shakey L'bot). Hot off the music tree is a split 7" known as "Held longer than haikus but shorter than odes" with the beautiful omaha fellow Ramon speed, featuring 2 songs from the each of us, w/"I fell down in the shower this a.m." being one of the slap-happiest romantical #s that ever fell from this tinny mouth. By the way, sr. Ramon Speed's fine oeuvre can be secured (yes!) from Sing, eunuchs! in said omaha. there will soon be a one sided 7" on black beans & placenta, featuring drunken, saad new york new york sings -- Actually, I'm told it's ready, and despite better judgment it's called "What Midnite? Who's Dragon?"..

thank you.

shoot a missile, leave a trail of crumbs! here's what the kids are shouting..

ok ok, fie! & reply: (e-mail robots here) I have more to show you, in the future!

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