right now there is only this fine photo
of 3 merry gents. earlier at this occaision
this f.b. pointed a single finger my way and
said "you're the robot!" aha he was on the nose.

this all of course at san dimas in march
when the robots jett'd down to perform
in the palacial FBE studios in cowboyville,
USA, home of the western arts. also slated:
johnny "mantra" davis and refrigerator, +
a lovely sampling from the digitally seal'd
"room for space" event. it was lovely, all
told, i play'd john's guitar (thank you john)
to a friendly if subdued audience of 25 or so
native inlanders. i just rec'd a k-7 of this
event, rec'd masterfully to dat by bob durkee
himself, so maybe a clip or 2 will go up here.
//sadly, dennis left off most of the refrigerator
set, which was easily the best i'd ever seen them
play, all fire & no luminescence, or p'haps i've got
it backwards. anyhow, xxx.