please drop some yrself, formulas et valentines most welcome.
alexis <>

a special url for you:

Friday, May 01, 1998 at 16:51:01 (PDT)
your menthol tinged songs are needed by a sad one. please come up for air. please

Friday, January 30, 1998 at 04:25:05 (PST)
please come back sweet seductive robot!!!!more songs!

Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 00:42:54 (PST)
happy new year casio. you are missed like crazy. the world aches for the knowledge of your happiness.

Friday, January 02, 1998 at 06:51:31 (PST)
mean spirit'd robots <>

oh kids i miss you. my fingers are empty and cold. would you forgive me? if i made some songs would yous care?

Sunday, December 07, 1997 at 16:23:18 (PST)
why oh why no word from the robot? dost thou need oil? or crack? bad breath only breeds desire, for the potential is what makes one want...there are new flags desecrating on the horizon, please, please, matey, hoist yours!

Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 21:10:39 (PDT)
wio <>

verdomme das nog e ke een goeie page he... wow.. what more can i say.. what's that "goodies" thing ? it's a labyrinth.. love. wio

Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 16:09:20 (PDT)
proprietor <>

this place has fallen into a state of disrepair, and i apologize. but it is, of course, an exercise in vanity, and lately i hardly think the song is about _me_. oh well, i'm trying i'm trying i'm trying. to-day maybe i'll record that tribute to -- wait, it's a surprise. bye chill'uns, i heart you in spades.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997 at 13:31:53 (PDT)
mr. happy knows jeans and krack/smack/junk <not really>

sure the girls know why i do what i do to the soil but the milkmen also know that the robots live in a cave filled with recording equipment and orange sodey pops. come on and visit my little corner of nanuntucket anytime you feel like lifting eddie's skirt...if jesus were a madman it would clear a lot up when it comes to why the roads curve to K-blah-blah-blah...ppppppplay it again samuel the rat -meister with the derar innocence look on his momma's pot- smoking face. i want to listen to the groovy tunes but my veins are clogged with the junk of you g e n e r a t i o n are you a l-u-n-a-t-------i-c??! great green gobs of life --mr. nose the way life goes

Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 11:12:47 (PDT)
essence of pimp
so shakey le bot scorched the airwaves w/ his nasty tongue and true tales...kansas is hoppin w/ the controversy, but the kids are still snappin their fingers and tappin their feet, cryin out for MORE! the new song is heart wrenching and the politics are questionable, but one thing has been determined: shakey is a bonified airwave star in lawrence no matter how the phone lines crackled.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 22:31:40 (PDT)
yr holy host <>

have been "out of town" for a month. boy you guys are a bunch of weird "O"s.

Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 00:43:44 (PST)
sorrowful floater
someday the fish will come back to haunt us...

Friday, March 21, 1997 at 00:22:37 (PST)
recluse in training
flakey le bot is a big tease but the music is divine****

Thursday, March 20, 1997 at 02:37:23 (PST)
belle lad <>
not available

dearest colonel: i am humbling travel, in this place of www. and i am coming across myself here, number one on the charts. so, i am say to myself, what is here, that is called by my name. this is an important way to find things in this space. so spir'ted one, i find a lots of things that i barely knowd before. plus, nice writings. maybe i should have home pages 2? no? also if i am ever getting WAREZ, then maybe i make a zine with c. you know her? yeah, anyway then we make the web version and profit greatly. i'm not only one of the founder's of belle lads, i'm also a client. i luv you, especially for valentines days, and for sleep overs and people's parent's bathtubs. a bell(e)

Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 20:44:01 (PST)
Marvelous <>

registering my support and fondest wishes as anything else would be un-civilz'd. blaze trails 4evr

Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at 21:40:49 (PST)
black angel <> (not up yet) Feb 8th

A small bread box on the southern side of an emerging and exploding song. Three bees and two crumbs are slowly coalescing in the centre becoming one beast. They speak of their transformation. Bee 1: I am lonely. I don’t know you all. How was I brought here? Bee 2: Silence you fool. Soon we will merge and that is all you need to know. Bee 1: Is this your fault? Bee 2: No. It is theirs. (indicating the crumbs) Crumb 1: How is this true? You are the beasts, not us. Bee 1: I am only a beast to you. I am also a hard laborer. Crumb 2: (to bee 3 as the other continue to talk) Why do you have to make it difficult? Bee 3: Well it is somewhat difficult, you do realize what is happening don’t you? Crumb 2: Yes, but why inflict mental pain as well by having an argument about this tragedy? Bee 3: It must be a desire to understand? Crumb 2: Pain is pain, why must they understand it? Bee 3: To prevent it from happening again, perhaps? Crumb 2: That is absurd. How could this possibly happen again after this. We are trapped Bee 3: Not in every sense. There is still hope. Crumb 2: You religiously doped fool. I am through talking to you. Crumb 1: (while crumb 2 and bee 3 are talking) Does that intent to impress me. If we were not in this situation undoubtedly you would have killed me by now. Bee 2: That is irrelevant now though, and if I had not found you this could never have happened. (Crumb 1 squeals in pain as bee 2’s leg pierces it’s structure and begin to transmogrify. The crumb slowly changes from crusty and beige to shinny and black, but maintains it’s same shape and structure) Bee 2: You are losing your mind to fear. What are you an insect or a jellyfish? It could be worse. You do not know that you will die. You are being absorbed like me and him. (Crumb 1’s squeals die down to sobs) Crumb 1: Look at me. I’m ugly. Bee 2: What makes you significant? Do you not realize that in this situation, as with all situations to lesser degrees or smaller levels, we are all self-important and do not really understand or care to understand each other?! Crumb 2: It’s different for you! You were always conscious of these things. I am only now aware of the component which gave me life. Bee 2: Isn’t that unfortunate. Bee 1: He’s right. You must be a worker. No mind for emotions at all, you. We will never be the same. Bee 2: I am tired of stagnating at this level, serving day in, day out. As a proper beast I can effect my environment. Bee 1: You are mad aren’t you? Why did you not rebel earlier or has this experience finally made you see this existence as diffused? Crumb 1: You cannot possibly be enjoying this. I realize that there is no practical use for pain in a situation like this, but how is one to avoid it knowing what lie ahead? Bee 2: You are both wrong. I will not be in control of this merged state any more than you. I simply wish a change, an opportunity to feel more than I have previously. Bee 1: You want to make it seem as though this was a good thing. As you try to convince us, you are convincing yourself. Bee 2: If that is so it is not causing me any problems. You crumb, have already been defeated, for the sake of the argument, because you admitted how purposeless pain and suffering are. Perhaps to you, you see some kind of beauty in it, or some poetic irony. Those things are so far removed from this state that I cannot conceive of being that sentimental over such unchangeable events. You bee, also must be ready with a retort on how sometimes stagnation is an evil way of saying unchanging so that it fits my perspective. Bee 1: Well...yes. There is nothing wrong with staying good. Bee 2: What is good now? Is this mess good? To you, no. To me, no. To him, no. But it is the nature of change. We change because of our own need for new experiences. I have been locked into the same struggle. I am attracted to pollen and the ground and compelled to work. If I can remove these things where am I? I am free to choose what I like. Of course it is unlikely that my body will ever be free of the ground but my mind shall be. I am free to love or hate at will with no predetermined attractions set for me. Crumb 1: At our expense though. Bee 2: How can I foresee that or change it? I was brought here because of those attractions which I precisely wanted to escape and now am being given an opportunity to. If that does not satisfy all of your ridiculous arguments concerning the nature of emotion and how suffering is what makes things beautiful, I am not prepared to accept what will. Crumb 1: You are missing our point. Bee 1: Yes. All of what you say may be true and proper, but what use does it serve us. We have no desire to die even knowing the liberation it could bring. Don’t you see that we are suffering for no reason. This is fate. Bee 2: There is no fate. (Crumb 2 begins to go hard and black as the mass condenses and a white-clear jelly begins to form thinly over them. He looses consciousness) Bee 3: There is meaning to this. We have been brought together for whatever reason we see fit to impose upon it. But I know there is a reason. (Bee 3 looses half it’s body to the central black mass) Bee 1: Why are you here then? Crumb 1: Yes, why are you tolerating this suffering? Bee 3: (Straining to speak as he is partly crushed) First you must realize our friends reasoning as valid and must understand your own for believing that this situation is absurd or do you truly believe it to be, or are you too deeply buried in your own pain? Bee 1: I can only tell you that this is not a place I expected to be after gaining my ability to hear my own physical thoughts. Bee 3: But can you accept that with a change there are all sorts of variables which you cannot predict? Bee 1: Yes, but.. Bee 3: and did you not enjoy the change at first and take it for granted because you are born, new, into this progression? Your ears were never there before and you still do not cherish them as an enhancement for all brother of the bee community because you think them to be deserved. You did nothing to earn them other than be born. In that case, is it not necessary that you accept whatever changes come with this power or privilege; whichever way you look at it the argument remains the same. Bee 1: But I did not ask for this. Bee 3: Would you rather be dead? Bee 1: NO. Bee 3: Well this is your life. Bee 1: That is fate then. Bee 3: No. If you want to die go ahead. That is your prerogative for change and your control over your future. (Bee 1 opens his mouth to speak but closes it as all his limbs are pulled into the mass and moans out these words) Bee 1: This is not what I saw. I can’t hold on! Bee 3: (to crumb 1)and are you not happy that at least you can feel now. You are a conglomerate of things, and all of the little lives of you now have voice. You are alive! When have you ever truly felt this way?

Tuesday, January 07, 1997 at 13:27:22 (PST)
conquistador <oh you bring it on.>

.."lofi" show, lawrence... robots stole the show from the phone-lines. i don't wanna be a pinhead no more. x

Wednesday, December 11, 1996 at 18:27:38 (PST)
Hendrik Trappist-Pale-Ale <>

I am a waffletrotter back from the blasphemous USA, my intention was to kill one electric composer named Brad Rose Alas, I wasn't able to smuggle my gun, loaded with belgian syrup elixir as the custom sontrols are so intense. Tony Zito, your page is so good, it sets the standards for all waffle-core homepages, This page is what we would say in flemish "verdomme das nog e ke een goeie page he" sincerely, Hendrik outta belgium PS: Sorry to bug your pants off asking for MSR songs...I hope you're not offended that i asked.

Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 11:05:17 (PST)
lexuh <>

"Like a jewel in an ethiope's ear..." reporting conflict?

Wednesday, October 30, 1996 at 18:10:20 (PST)
casio andretti <>

oh, assembly is in action for the ramon speed and msr split 7", which contains two of my favorite msr songs of all time. inspired packaging designed by amos latteier, too. be on the look out, it's available from sing, eunuchs! and catsup plate too.

Thursday, September 12, 1996 at 14:23:07 (PDT)
spark-el-ess <>

oh the things that fall from yr face are exquisite.. tastey, and wonderful of course. feel privelaged to use, email is in action. gummy

Thursday, August 22, 1996 at 12:20:25 (PDT)
tolvaj <jupiter###six@betö>

Önök éppen a discóban voltak kora reggeltôl késô estig. Nagy melegek voltak. Meg aztán én sem vagyok már fiatal. signed, x híres

Wednesday, August 14, 1996 at 14:26:50 (PDT)
tony <>

who heres in love

Wednesday, August 14, 1996 at 01:54:02 (PDT)
charly cheese <>

cindy, what can you shoot at me that hasn't already pierced? xxx

Friday, July 19, 1996 at 17:19:53 (PDT)
you little hot stuff you. come talk to me baby.

Sunday, July 14, 1996 at 18:24:38 (PDT)
formaldahyde aye <>

o' happy day, the page has new fixings that delight my senses. the story of our robots was delightful. write me mr robot, the check is in the mail.

Monday, June 17, 1996 at 15:28:27 (PDT)
1000 tiny islands
ok, so upcoming project: 1-sided 7" on blackbeans & placenta above & around my experience at 165 east broadway in chinatown, nyc. 4 songs (i think) recorded between 3/95 and 8/95. may or may not include "Music Pala ce NYC","Tricky King v. Tricky Emperor", "(I am the) Lucky 1", "O Susannah". But forsooth, there hasn't been much interest express'd lately in msrobots. please please email if you appreciate the hi-flying mission. love, robot

Wednesday, June 12, 1996 at 16:36:43 (PDT)
sorry casino <>

ok, here i am, strait faced & ruddy. finally added a photo to the san dimas page, and a little description of the event. ay yi. you tell me. please. should the robots close shop? is anybody interested? sometimes i doubt it.

Tuesday, May 28, 1996 at 15:28:24 (PDT)
tsui hark <>

did you ever hear of karl hagenbeck? He was a big menagerie magnate back at the turn of the century, became rich & powerful looting the colonial wild. And in 1907 he open'd his own zoo outside of Hamburg (?), which was revolutionary in tha t it had no bars; all the animals roamed in facsimiles of their exotic homes, kept "in" only by moats/trenches. All sorts of empirical gathering was necessary to figure out how far different animals could leap, what size and shape of trench would be nece ssary to hold them. A dead bird would be suspended above a hungry tiger [sic] for instance, and measurements would be made. xoxox

Tuesday, May 07, 1996 at 10:09:01 (PDT)
kogofoh <>

ice cream cones, sandwich bags, all of them have something to do with this page i like to say, this page has become much fun. power to the robots. inhale.

Thursday, April 25, 1996 at 20:41:32 (PDT)
Selena <>
(none yet)

MSR ignited the stage with their salsa-soaked music...Their passionate performances were fueled by their love of life and their love for their people. And, who could ever forget their infectious smiles? Smiles that lit their faces onstage and offstage as well. Because while Mean Spirited Robots blossomed into international sensations, in their hearts they never stray- ed far from home. They were down to earth and their fans loved these shining stars all the more for their unpretentious charm and their pride in their heritage. "Mean Spirited Robots...Forever"

Saturday, April 20, 1996 at 10:21:20 (PDT)
everyone is so quiet...go ahead, drop a crumb or 2!

Thursday, April 18, 1996 at 10:06:51 (PDT)
hen electric <>

i am a beautiful vessel!

Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at 12:27:25 (PDT)
arse robotica <>

inauguration, please dip hearts in tar et honey, pally.

Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at 11:56:11 (PDT)